Primary Breast Leiomyosarcoma in Male - A Case Report




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Arsalane A, Zidane A, Saadi S, Msougar Y. Primary Breast Leiomyosarcoma in Male - A Case Report. Integr J Med Sci [Internet]. 2017 Feb. 3 [cited 2022 Oct. 5];4. Available from:


Primary Sarcomas of the breast account for less than 1% of breast tumors. Leiomyosarcomas are less common. Only 51 cases have been reported in the literature, which only 4 cases in men. We present a new case of male breast leiomyosarcoma and discuss the management and therapy of these unusual neoplasms. The confirmation of diagnosis was obtained by immunohistochemical study of surgical biopsy. The patient underwent a radical mastectomy and axillary lymphadenectomy. Adjuvant radiotherapy was indicated. Two years after surgery the patient is still in life without recurrence.


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