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Wolfgang Mastnak
Music, Arts and Cognitive Behavioural Therapy to Treat Sleep Disorders
Abdelhak El Khadi, Youssef Motiaa , Mohammed Aabdi , Hicham Sbai, Smael Labib
Cerebro-Meningeal Hemorrhage Revealing a Pheochromocytoma in a Child - Case Report and Systematic Review
Younes Aggouri; Aymane Jbilou, Badr Tarif, Yassine Mohamed , Youssef Motiaa , Siham Alaoui , Said Ait laalim
COVID-19 and Digestive Surgical Emergencies: Experience of the General Surgery Department of Tangier University Hospital.
Younes Aggouri; Aymane Jbilou, Yassine Mohamed , Badr Tarif, Said Ait laalim
An Exceptional Case of Simultaneous double ileoileal Intussusception Secondary to Burkitt’s Lymphoma: An Exceptional Case of Simultaneous double ileoileal Intussusception Secondary to Burkitt’s Lymphoma
Zakaria Bakkali Issaoui , Youssef Kharbach , Abdelhak Khallouk
Urethral Carcinoma in Patients with Urethral Stricture: A Case Report
Ettoini Kaoutar, Yousra El Boussaadni, Abdallah Oulmaati
Early Neonatal Mortality’s Determinants in the Neonatology Department of Mohamed V Hospital in Tangier, Morocco
Ettoini Kaoutar, Yousra El boussaadni, Abdallah Oulmaati
The Contribution of Lumbar Puncture in Neonatal Infections - About 206 cases
Farid Bourzgui, Samir Diouny, Idriss Tougui, Ayoub El Omari, Zineb Serhier , Mohamed Bennani Othmani
Assessement of the Nasal Shape after Orthognathic Maxillary Surgery
Meryem Karhate Andaloussi, Lamiyae Senhaji, Michele Germain , Jean-Marie Casillas, Abderrazak Hajjioui
The Correlation between Functional Parameters (6-Minute Walk Test) and Life Quality of Silicosis Patients: Case Study in the Jerada City in Morocco
Abhishek Mohan MD, Durjoy Lahiri MD
COVID-19 related Psychotic Disorder: Symptomatology in Infected and Uninfected Patients
Manal Banaser, Sami Alshammary
Psychological Support and Telehealth Options for Patients with Cancer during the Covid-19 Pandemic in Saudi Arabia
Wijdane El Hawari, Abdoulmajid Habibou , Nadia Merzouk , Oussama Bentahar
A Beumer Classification of Labial-alveolar-palatal Clefts: Suggestion for Complement
Shashi Agarwal
Lifestyles and Cognition
Shafiqa Alsharif
Non-Invasive Ventilation in Infants Attending a Tertiary Care Center: A Retrospective Review
Amal Hajjij, Najwa Benslima, Jehanne Aasfara, Hatim Bensouda , Mohammed Mahi, Fouad Benariba
An MRI of the Olfactory Tract in a Case of Post-COVID-19 Persistent Anosmia
Abderrahmane Bakkali, Hind El Yacoubi, Najib Al Idrissi, Rochde Sayah , Mohamed Laaroussi
Possibilities and Considerations on the Use of ECMO as a Therapeutic Option for Patients with Acute Respiratory Distress Syndrome due to Viral Infections
William A Anong, Jude N. Okoyeh
Perspectives on Fewer Sars-2 Corona virus (COVID-19) Deaths in Africa
Varvara Kirchner, Kristen Gillingham, Oscar Serrano, Srinath Chinnakotla, Ty Dunn, Erik Finger, Raja Kandaswamy, Hassan Ibrahim, Richard Spong, William Payne, Timothy Pruett, David Sutherland, John Najarian, Arthur Matas
Long-Term Outcomes in 831 Kidney Transplant Recipients with 20 Years of Graft Function
Rogil Jose De Almeida Torres, Rogerio Torres, Andrea Luchini, Ana Lucia Ferreira
Transcription Factor NF-κβ and Molecules Derived from its Activation in Age-Related Macular Degeneration
Fang Wang, Yun Luo, Ying Zhang, Shifeng Lou, Kang Zhou, Shu Chen, Hanqing Zeng , Yan Shen, Jianchuan Deng
The Combination of Anti-Thymocyte Globulin and Basiliximab for Haploidentical Hematopoietic Stem Cell Transplantation
WU Qiang, TANG Lin-dong, WU Yan-hui, LI Qiang, YU Li
Effects of Intermittent Cisplatin Intervention on 6PGD Levels and Tumor Growth and Migration in A549 Lung Cancer Cells
Ayokunle Olumodeji, Idowu Oluwaseyi Adebara, Olumide Emmanuel Adewara, Adebayo Augustine Adeniyi, Sunday Babatunde Awoyinka, Adewummi Bakare, Olabisi Timothy Adeyemo, Olumide Mojisola Ayankunle, Gbadebo Oladimeji Ajani, Segun Murtala Ghazali, Ufuoma Oluwaseyi Olumodeji, Raymond Akujuobi Okere
Gestational Diabetes Mellitus: Assessing the Reliability of Risk Factor-Based Screening in a Rural Nigerian Hospital
Konstantinos Argyropoulos, Konstantinos Krikonis, Eleni Jelastopulu
COVID-19 Lockdown and its Impact on Mental Health in Various Population Groups in Greece: A Cross-Sectional Study
Younes Aggouri; Anas Ahallat, Aymane Jbilou, Yassine Mohamed , Badr Tarif, Said Ait laalim
Severe Neuroleptic Induced Ischemic Colitis: A Case Report
Younes Aggouri; Aymane Jbilou, Said Ait laalim
Neuroleptiques Causing a Giant Abdominal Mass