Urethral Carcinoma in Patients with Urethral Stricture: A Case Report


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Urethral Carcinoma


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Bakkali Issaoui Z, Kharbach Y, Khallouk A. Urethral Carcinoma in Patients with Urethral Stricture: A Case Report. Integr J Med Sci [Internet]. 2021 Nov. 11 [cited 2022 May 16];8. Available from: https://www.mbmj.org/index.php/ijms/article/view/582


Primary cancer of the urethra is rare. Its clinical presentation is nonspecific and urethral stricture is one of its risk factors. Authors report herein the case of a 65-year-old male patient with a history of recurrent urethral stricture for which he opted for a suprapubic catheter. He developed a perineal phlegmon that revealed a primary urethral carcinoma. This case shows unusual symptoms that should lead to suspect urethral carcinoma in a patient with urethral stricture. This will allow to avoid late diagnosis caused by misleading symptoms.



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