Gastric Schwannoma: A Postoperative Surprise A Case Report.

Abdelmounaim Ait Ali, Mohamed Essarghini, Abderzak Hajjouji, Khalid Sair


Gastric Schwannoma is a rare, slow-growing, and clinically non-specific submucosal tumor, originating from Schwann cells with excellent prognosis after surgical resection.

We report a clinical case of a patient presented with gastric schwannoma revealed by non-specific gastric signs and of which the definitive diagnosis is done through immunohistochemistry of the resected specimen, showing strong S100 protein positivity. The evolution is favorable after a partial gastrectomy with a decline of two years. Through this case, we are trying to trace the rarity, strong similarities with gastric stromal tumors and especially, the weak index of suspicion for this diagnosis.

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