Yassine BAIZ, Oussama Abdessalam AFANDI, Hicham FENANE, Yassine MSOUGAR


This patient is a 24-year-old student by profession and from a non-consanguineous marriage, 2nd of a sibship of 4, originally and resident in Marrakech of low socioeconomic level, having as antecedent an inhalation of a neglected metallic foreign body at the age of 2 years, which presents itself for chronic bronchorrhea which has been evolving for 5 years and of recurrent pulmonary infection with the notion of a false route during swallowing which appeared 6 months ago, in who underwent pleuropulmonary examination noted the presence of right basithoracic snoring rattles, thoracic CT and bronchial fibroscopy demonstrated a metallic foreign body at the level of the right bronchus strain with dilatation of the cylindrical type sequential bronchi interesting the associated middle lobe to an oesotracheal fistula of supracarinary topography. preoperative preparation with antibiotic therapy and bronchial drainage respiratory physiotherapy and a decision on thoracic surgical intervention with left selective intubation was taken and right posterolateral thoracotomy was performed with spotting and extraction of the foreign body by bronchotomy with dissection and liberation of the margins fistula and padding of the oesotracheal fistula, the postoperative follow-up was simple and the course in the course, medium and long term was marked by a good clinical, biological and radiological improvement with a decline of 14 months.


Oesotracheal Fistulas - Foreign Body - Esophageal and Bronchial Endoscopy -Thoracotomy -Ct Scan - Interventional Endoscopy



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